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Leak Prevention

When roofs leak, it can be a big expense.

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingle roofs eventually have to be replaced due to wear and tear. One of the reasons is heat. Heat from the sun and external climate are made worse by the heat rising from the attic.

This causes shingles to crack, and even peel off the roof. Make sure to properly ventilate your attic to help prevent this from occurring.

After a storm you’ll probably want to wipe down that outdoor furniture, but make sure to set time aside to inspect your roof. If you notice water stains on your ceiling, contact Tri County Roofing and Repair to get the necessary repairs done.

Also, make sure debris like branches, tree limbs, pine needles, and displaced shingles aren’t found on your roof. They can build up and cause a small dam, leaving water to go nowhere but down into the ceiling and onto the carpet.

Try to stay off your roof as much as possible, too. Walking on a roof is an easy way to cause leaks, unless you know where to step and avoid damage.

When it comes to preventing roof leaks, a little bit of time can save a whole lot of money down the line. But if your roof starts to leak or crack, make sure to contact Tri County Roofing and Repair


Metal Roofing

If you have some corrugated metal roofing on your home, then you will need to take extra care to prevent leaks. Leaks can start at a distance from the hole in the roof, and tracking them down can be a waste of your time. Preventing these leaks is the only good way to ensure that your corrugated metal roofing doesn't start allowing water through to your ceilings.

The starting point for a developing leak is dirt. People don't realize that dirt is not only creating a seal around the area of the roof, but allowing water to penetrate through. Because dirt can build up slowly, it can seep into vertical gaps between the corrugated metal roof, pulling the seal, and water accumulation, through with it. Stop dirt by cleaning your roof regularly.


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